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Discover our range of sit-harnesses and chest-harnesses

Harnesses by Aventure Verticale

Personal protective equipment: harnesses, work support belt

Aventure Verticale offers a full range of harnesses for verticality sports like canyoning, climbing or caving, but also for adventure courses and work-at-height.

You can find among them the sit-harness (CE, EN 12277 Type C) which is suitable for indoor/outdoor sports for individuals or groups (with color codes and thighs which can be easily spotted). Our main models are available in different versions with optional protections and linings.

You will also find our shoulder straps and chest harnesses (CE, EN 12277 Type D) and our work support belt (CE, EN 358 et EN 813).


To browse in our range of sit-harnesses and chest-harnesses, make your choice on the page AV sit-harnesses and chest-harnesses.

Reach climbing, caving, canyoning and work PPE


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