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Discover our range of canyoning equipment

Discover a full range of canyoning products: harnesses, belts, bags (Water Bag, Water Grille. . . ), protections, under-suits and other canyoning accessories.   Choose your sit-harness with a canyoning protective seat or a simple thigh protection. Protect your equipment with our... Read more

Discover our range of climbing equipment

Discover a full range of climbing equipment: harnesses, belts, chalk bags and other climbing / mountaineering accessories.   Choose your sit-harness or your chest harness. Secure your ascents with AV chalk bags.   Additionally to our PPE, benefit also from spare parts or lining... Read more

Discover our range of sit-harnesses and chest-harnesses

Aventure Verticale offers a full range of harnesses for verticality sports like canyoning, climbing or caving, but also for adventure courses and work-at-height. You can find among them the sit-harness (CE, EN 12277 Type C) which is suitable for indoor/outdoor sports for individuals or... Read more

Presentation of Aventure Verticale

What does the logo and mean? All the activities, for which Aventure Verticale (or AV ) manufactures equipment, are linked to the notion of adventure : to discover, to explore, to surpass oneself, to meet challenges. This adventure is lived through vertical height in climbing, caving,... Read more

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Back from Outdoor 2014, Friedrichshafen

Exhibition (15/07/2014)

  Aventure Verticale and Garra were exhibiting at the Outdoor 2014 in Friedrichshafen from 10th to 13th of July . We would like to thank our partners, all the visitors for having passed by our booth but also the organisators of this event.   We hope it was beneficial for... Read more