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Our equipment range » Climbing

AV equipment for climbing

Discover a full range of climbing equipment: harnesses, belts, chalk bags and other climbing / mountaineering accessories. 

Choose your sit-harness or your chest harness. Secure your ascents with AV chalk bags. 

Additionally to our PPE, benefit also from spare parts or lining adapted to your use.


AVCA03P Peïra Parc Climbing » Sit-harness

Sit-harness for activities such as treetop courses and forest adventure courses. Ideal for intensive collective use.

AVES01 First Climbing » Sit-harness

Sit-harness for climbing or mountain tie-in, totally adjustable. Ideal for use in groups (size colour code).

AVES01B First Plus Climbing » Sit-harness

Sit-harness for climbing or mountain tie-in, totally adjustable. Foamed sliding belt added for a greater comfort.

AVES05 Fast Climbing » Sit-harness

Climbing sit-harness totally adjustable by light alloy quick release buckles for easier collective use.

AVES05B Fast Plus Climbing » Sit-harness

Climbing sit-harness totally adjustable with addition of a foamed waist for better comfort and a sliding belt padding for optimal adjustment.

AVES05C Fast Comfort Climbing » Sit-harness

Fully-adjustable climbing sit-harness. Most comfortable and best-finished product of the range.

AVES26 Wise 2 Climbing » Chest-harness

Totally adjustable CE chest harness for climbing, mountain, caving or treetop course use.

Bags and packs

AVES41 Popofbag Climbing » Chalk bag

Traditional magnesium bag for climbing, cylindrical in shape.

AVES42 Ulbag Climbing » Chalk bag

Magnesium bag for climbing. Practical to catch magnesium thanks to its ergonomic shape.

AVES43 Rainbo' Climbing » Chalk bag

Chalk bag for climbing, including a full height pocket, allowing the storage of keys, topography, jewellery...


AVCA46S Spankprotect Strong Climbing » Protection

Pants’ shaped canyoning protection in stitched and heat sealed PVC 900g/m². One color by size

AVES31 Zermat Climbing » Belt

Adjustable padded belt with two sheathed tie-in points.

AVES50 Elastic Climbing » Spare part

20 mm wide stitched elastic webbing. Can be used as a spare part for climbing sit-harness.

AVES51 Annexbelt Climbing » Belt

Padded belt with press stud loops. For use with climbing harness AVES01 First Noir for comfort enhancement.