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Our equipment range » Climbing

AV equipment for climbing

Discover a full range of climbing equipment: harnesses, belts, chalk bags and other climbing / mountaineering accessories. 

Choose your sit-harness or your chest harness. Secure your ascents with AV chalk bags. 

Additionally to our PPE, benefit also from spare parts or lining adapted to your use.


AVCA03 Peïra Climbing » Sit-harness

Sit-harness for activities such as treetop courses and forest adventure courses. Ideal for intensive collective use.

AVES01 First Climbing » Sit-harness

Sit-harness for climbing or mountain tie-in, totally adjustable. Ideal for use in groups (size colour code).

AVES05 Fast Climbing » Sit-harness

Climbing sit-harness totally adjustable by light alloy quick release buckles for easier collective use.

AVES05CO Fast Comfort Climbing » Sit-harness

Fully-adjustable climbing sit-harness. Most comfortable and best-finished product of the range.

AVES26 Wise 2 Climbing » Chest-harness

Totally adjustable CE chest harness for climbing, mountain, caving or treetop course use.


AVCA46S Spankprotect Strong Climbing » Protection

Pants’ shaped canyoning protection in stitched and heat sealed PVC 900g/m². One color by size

AVES31 Zermat Climbing » Belt

Adjustable padded belt with two sheathed tie-in points.

AVPA40A Tie-in-point protection Climbing » Protection

Tie-in-point protection made with PVC

AVPA40C Tie-in-point protection made with fabric + velcro Climbing » Protection

Tie-in-point protection made with fabric + velcro

AVPA65B Back connections sit-harness / chest harness Climbing » Spare part

Back connections sit-harness / chest harness

AVSP91 Vertical mobile gear-loop Climbing » Spare part

Vertical mobile gear-loop

AVSP92 Mobile sheathed gear loop Climbing » Spare part

Mobile sheathed gear loop that can be fitted on any strap up to 45mm in width.