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AV links

 Here are several useful canyoning, climbing and caving links.

Official links:


Fédération française de Spéléologie :                                 Fédération Française de Montagne et d'Escalade :

http://www.ffspeleo.fr/                                                                            http://www.ffme.fr/



Fédération française des industries sport et loisirs:                                  Fédération Européenne de Spéléologie :

http://www.fifas.com/                                                                        http://www.eurospeleo.eu/en/


Other links:

Topos et photos de montagne










CIMA                                   Deap                                           

www.cima.visitazores.com/en/                    http://www.deapcanyoning.com/                                 http://canyoningalpigiulie.blogspot.it/





Link up with the Aventure Verticale website:

Here are several buttons and banners at your disposal to create links with the m.aventureverticale.com site, along with the html code to do this.

Aventure Verticale: Canyoning, Escalade, Spéléologie

Black background AV logo

<a href="http://m.aventureverticale.com/en/" 
title="Aventure Verticale: Canyoning, Climbing, Caving"><img 
style="border:0;" alt="Aventure Verticale: Canyoning, Climbing, Caving" /></a>

Aventure Verticale: Canyoning, Escalade, Spéléologie

White background AV logo

<a href="http://m.aventureverticale.com/fr/" 
title="Aventure Verticale: Canyoning, Climbing, Caving">
<img src="http://m.aventureverticale.com/images/logo-aventure-verticale-blanc.png" 
style="border:0;" alt="Aventure Verticale: Canyoning, Climbing, Caving" /></a>