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Presentation of Aventure Verticale

Aventure Verticale : The Company

What does the logo AV and Aventure Verticale mean?

All the activities, for which Aventure Verticale (or AV) manufactures equipment, are linked to the notion of adventure: to discover, to explore, to surpass oneself, to meet challenges. This adventure is lived through vertical height in climbing, caving, canyoning and work, as well as in high rise work.

The A and the V, which form two reversed symbols, represent both the mountain to be climbed and the canyon to descend, as well as the depths of the earth to be explored.


The current managing director, Gérald Huet, began this adventure in association with two of his friends, Bernard Voulourd and Olivier Cousseau, founders in 1987 of the company TMS (Technique Mountain Speleology). He then participated in the manufacture of the Aphanicé feet blocker, the PICASTEL nylon suit and the wide volume UKERDI 6000 tent. From 1990, he worked on the development of the EMS brand (Climbing, Mountain and Caving) as manager of the site. In September 1998, he participated in the creation of the brand and the AV range.

Aventure Verticale, the manufacturing brand of sport and safety equipment, saw the light of day as part of the Airache Production subcontracting company via the creation of a sport area.

At the beginning of November 2003, following the take over of that area by some of the employees, Aventure Verticale LLC was created. Gérald Huet became the major shareholder and owner of this registered trademark.

Further information …

Our main purpose is to continue to design effective and quality products for climbing, caving, canyoning, high rise work and safety, but also to manufacture them in France at our Cholet production site.

We have created this online catalogue for the purposes of showing you our entire range. So that we can remain attentive to your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your remarks, requests and questions.

All our products are, or will be, available for sale at our main retailers which are mountain specialist shops in France and abroad.