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AVSP65 Midroï Lady Caving » Suit

Cordura caving suit low coated (designed for women).

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions list Is Aventure Verticale an equipment manufacturer ? Where can I find Aventure Verticale products ? Can I order products directly by Aventure Verticale ? Does it exist an Aventure Verticale online sales site ? Can I download the technical notice of a... Read more

Our contact details

Our contact details To place an order or request information regarding Aventure Verticale products, here are our contact details. Gérald HUET Postal address: Aventure Verticale SARL ZA du Puy Saint Bonnet Rue des Étriers 49300 Cholet PSB FRANCE Tel. : 33 (0) 241 62 31 53 ... Read more

Presentation of Aventure Verticale

What does the logo and mean? All the activities, for which Aventure Verticale (or AV ) manufactures equipment, are linked to the notion of adventure : to discover, to explore, to surpass oneself, to meet challenges. This adventure is lived through vertical height in climbing, caving,... Read more

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2015 Novelty : Integral harness Krubera

Miscellaneous (20/01/2015)

Aventure Verticale presents our last harness : The Krubera. For more information, contact us or your usual distributor. Read more