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Description of this protection:

Pants’ shape canyoning protection in stitched and heat sealed PVC 1100 dTex 900 g/m².

One color by size : XS = Yellow / ML = Blue / XL = Red (Differents choices on request and special order)

Suitable for canyoning sit harnesses AVCA01 Mascun for transformation into AVCA01C Mascun Comfort and AVCA03 Peïra for transformation into AVCA03C Peïra Comfort, but also any sit harness made from a 44 mm webbing mainly closed using ladder lock buckles.

High resistant canvas. Automatic strong stitches (like the harnesses).

Sizes available for this protection:

  • XS-M (yellow)
  • M-L (blue)
  • XL (red)

Weight of this protection:

230 g


  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Other colours available as an option upon special order

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