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AVCA03 Peïra Ropes course, tree climbing » Sit-harness

Sit-harness for activities such as treetop courses and forest adventure courses. Ideal for intensive collective use.

AVCA03CA Peïra Canyon Canyoning » Sit-harness

Sit-harness for canyoning with removable protection for the thighs and buttocks. Totally adjustable by light alloy quick-release buckles.

AVCA04 Mazerin Canyoning » Sit-harness

Our professional harness : Monitor harness efficient for both canyoning and caving.

AVES01 First Climbing » Sit-harness

Sit-harness for climbing or mountain tie-in, totally adjustable. Ideal for use in groups (size colour code).

AVES05 Fast Climbing » Sit-harness

Climbing sit-harness totally adjustable by light alloy quick release buckles for easier collective use.

AVES05CO Fast Comfort Climbing » Sit-harness

Fully-adjustable climbing sit-harness. Most comfortable and best-finished product of the range.

AVES26 Wise 2 Ropes course, tree climbing » Chest-harness

Totally adjustable CE chest harness for climbing, mountain, caving or treetop course use.

AVPA40 Tie-in-point protection Ropes course, tree climbing » Protection

Tie-in-point protection made with PVC

AVSP01 Muruck Caving » Sit-harness

Totally adjustable sit-harness for caving, with removable PVC reinforcement. Perfectly suitable for collective use.

AVSP02 Tecnibat Caving » Sit-harness

Totally adjustable caving sit-harness. Suspension comfort ensured and removable PVC reinforcements for the thighs.

AVSP08 Krubera Caving » Complete harness

Complete harness. The Krubera is the most recent harness designed by AV.

AVSP12 Spelshoulder Caving » Shoulder straps

Single size shoulder straps for caving.

AVSP12R Spelshoulder Pro Caving » Chest-harness

One size chest straps for caving (designed for women).

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Discover our range of sit-harnesses and chest-harnesses

Aventure Verticale offers a full range of harnesses for verticality sports like canyoning, climbing or caving, but also for adventure courses and work-at-height. You can find among them the sit-harness (CE, EN 12277 Type C) which is suitable for indoor/outdoor sports for individuals or... Read more

Discover our ropes course range (forest adventure park, etc.)

Discover our PPE for forest adventure parks and ropes courses.   The sit-harness Peïra Parc, by-product of the sit-harness Peïra dedicated to climbing, is the perfect comrade to ensure its progress all along the course. It is ideally completed by the use of the Aventure... Read more

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2015 Novelty : Integral harness Krubera

Miscellaneous (20/01/2015)

Aventure Verticale presents our last harness : The Krubera. For more information, contact us or your usual distributor. Read more

Thanks for ISPO 2014 (Munich)

Exhibition (06/02/2014)

From January 26th to 29th , Aventure Verticale was exhibiting at the ISPO Trade Show , in Munich (Germany) . More than 80,000 visitors from 110 countries came to ISPO MUNICH 2014, from January 26th to 29th! Gérald and Laëtitia thank all the visitors and also the ... Read more

AV & GARRA - ISPO 2014

Exhibition (17/12/2013)

Next not-to-be-missed appointment: AV and GARRA will be, from 26 th until 29 th of January 2014 , in Munich for ISPO 2014 !   Do not hesitate to visit us on booth n°538/hall B5 !   Read more

Aventure Verticale at Speleopolis 2013 (Casola, Italy)

Exhibition (06/11/2013)

Aventure Verticale was present at the Speleopolis Congress from October 31 st till November 3 rd 2013, in Casola (Italy).   Thank you to the visitors, the organizing team and especially to our Italian commercial partners who were exhibiting: Repetto Sport , Vertigini... Read more

Technical information: PPE monitoring

Equipment (09/02/2006)

Monitoring of PPE: For easier PPE monitoring, each thigh harness has an individual number on the year of manfacture label. Read more