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Chest harness

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AVES26 Wise 2 Ropes course, tree climbing » Chest-harness

Totally adjustable CE chest harness for climbing, mountain, caving or treetop course use.

AVPA65B Back connections sit-harness / chest harness Ropes course, tree climbing » Spare part

Back connections sit-harness / chest harness

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Discover our range of sit-harnesses and chest-harnesses

Aventure Verticale offers a full range of harnesses for verticality sports like canyoning, climbing or caving, but also for adventure courses and work-at-height. You can find among them the sit-harness (CE, EN 12277 Type C) which is suitable for indoor/outdoor sports for individuals or... Read more

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Technical information: PPE monitoring

Equipment (09/02/2006)

Monitoring of PPE: For easier PPE monitoring, each thigh harness has an individual number on the year of manfacture label. Read more