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AVCA47 Comfort Belt Canyoning » Protection

Foamed canyoning belt in PVC 680g/m². Can be fixed as an option on canyoning sit harnesses Mascun or Peïra.

AVES31 Zermat Climbing » Belt

Adjustable padded belt with two sheathed tie-in points.

AVSP21 Spelbelt Caving » Belt

Adjustable caving belt with two sheathed tie-in points.

AVSP22P Flat waist bag +skirt Caving » Waist bag

Waist bag for caving with bag extension skirt, for carrying small personal effects.

AVSP90 Lampbelt Caving » Belt

Caving belt in 40 mm webbing. Multi-purpose accessory such as lamp holder, caving suit belt, etc...

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Discover our range of accessories

Aventure Verticale provides a wide range of accessories and spare parts for verticality sports, ropes courses and work. You can find the ideal belt for caving and hiking and other activities (hiking, trekking, canicross, skijoring, pulka, etc. ), thigh or belt lining, removable and... Read more

Discover our range of equipment for professionals, work-at-height...

Discover a full range of products for the work-at-height and rescue: work support belt, big volume carrying bags, clothes and protections. Choose our work support belt sit-harness-shaped with the spelshoulder EN 358 and EN 813 to secure your works. In addition to our PPE, we introduce to... Read more

Discover our range of sit-harnesses and chest-harnesses

Aventure Verticale offers a full range of harnesses for verticality sports like canyoning, climbing or caving, but also for adventure courses and work-at-height. You can find among them the sit-harness (CE, EN 12277 Type C) which is suitable for indoor/outdoor sports for individuals or... Read more