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Discover our range of equipment for professionals, work-at-height...

Equipment for professionals and work-at-height

AV TR: equipment designed for work

Discover a full range of products for the work-at-height and rescue: work support belt, big volume carrying bags, clothes and protections.

Choose our work support belt sit-harness-shaped with the spelshoulder EN 358 and EN 813 to secure your works.

In addition to our PPE, we introduce to you a wide range of robust and with a big capacity AV transport bags and our save rope, which allow you to get the adapted equipment that will meet your needs. 

Do not forget to discover our under-suits and resistant clothes: work suits, as well as protection trousers and jacket.


To browse in our range of work-at-height and rescue equipment and discover our products intended for professionals, make your choice on the page from our work equipment.

Reach AV equipment intended to professionals


You can also visit pages and news of the website, as well as our equipments, which are tagged work or pro !