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AVPH15 Photo flash kit bag 15L Caving » Transport pack

Photo flash kit bag 15L

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Canyon in India 2010

Le Team HCT (Himalayan Canyon Team), sponsorisée par Aventure Verticale, publie un article sur l'expédition canyon en Inde en cette fin mai 2010. Découvrez des photos et un résumé de l'expé aux alentours de Manali (Himal Pradesh), à... Read more

Photographs credits

Credits of the photographies used on the website. the whole climbing range Central photo: Rock climbing is fun! by mariachily . Left-hand photo: A Garden of Climbs by Jasen Miller . Right-hand photo: Climbing silhouette by gego2605 . Polaroïde ropes courses: High Ropes... Read more

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Update of AV online catalogue

Updates (02/08/2011)

Our online catalogue has been updated to its new version in english / french! The new website will allow you to choose your equipments more easily among Aventure Verticale range, and to find more quickly an outlet selling them. It is also easier to share and bookmark each one of our... Read more