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Photographs credits

Online catalogue photos

Credits of the photographies used on the website.

the whole climbing range

Central photo: Rock climbing is fun! by mariachily.

Left-hand photo: A Garden of Climbs by Jasen Miller.

Right-hand photo: Climbing silhouette by gego2605.

Polaroïde ropes courses: High Ropes Course by michaelcardus.

the whole canyoning range

Photos taken in Nepal by the expedition Himalayan Canyon Team.

the whole caving range

Photographies taken during the expedition "Siphons beneath the jungle" in Nakanaï mountains, Nouvelle Bretagne, Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée. // "Siphons Beneath the Jungle" Expedition, Nakanaï mountains, New Britain, Papou New Guinea.

the whole work range

Central photography: Help operation by alexindigo.

Left-hand photo: High word at the airport by No Dust.

Right-hand photo: Protecting workers whenver working at heights par NIOSH.