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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions list Is Aventure Verticale an equipment manufacturer ? Where can I find Aventure Verticale products ? Can I order products directly by Aventure Verticale ? Does it exist an Aventure Verticale online sales site ? Can I download the technical notice of a... Read more

Site map

Here is the site map, organized by categories and subcategories. You can discover our full verticality range as well as Aventure Verticale news and the list of its shops. Mountain sports and AV news Aventure Verticale advertisments and news about expeditions or caving, canyoning congresses... Read more

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Update of AV online catalogue

Updates (02/08/2011)

Our online catalogue has been updated to its new version in english / french! The new website will allow you to choose your equipments more easily among Aventure Verticale range, and to find more quickly an outlet selling them. It is also easier to share and bookmark each one of our... Read more