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Extended lifetimes of our PPE


lifetime of protective personal equipmentThe potential life expentancy of all the PPE from our range is extended to 13 years.

Few details concerning the PPE and their lifetime, quoted from the new technical notices:

Warning! This product may be destroyed on first use; this is a potential life expectancy: only its condition can prove its real lifetime.

The potential life expectancy of this product is 10 years from its first use, subject to use, maintenance, transport and storage as mentioned above. This expectancy does not take into account the frequency and intensity of use i.e. product wear-and-tear (see “Scrapping” below). Potential lifetime = storage time (3 years max) before the first use + potential useful life (10 years max). The potential product lifetime is limited to 13 years.

Don't forget to download your new PPE manuals to update your stock lifetime!