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Suits, jackets, trousers, undersuits

Suit, jacket, trousers, undersuitDiscover the range of AV clothes : suits and under-suits, but also robust trousers and jackets. Aventure Verticale offers clothes for men, women and children.

This range of clothes is mainly intended for canyoning and caving. However, our jacket and our trousers for canyoning, as well as the caving suits also make also excellent protections for working clothes, and caving under-suits are equally adapted to under-outfits for professionals.

Aventure Verticale proposes different models of under-suits (in classic polar fibre or in bi-stretch) as well as suits (in high-tenacity polyamide or in cordura material) and a set jacket + trousers (in high-tenacity polyamide).


To browse in our range of suits, under-suits, trousers and jacket, make your choice on the page AV clothes.

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