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Description of this suit:

Caving suit, flexible and resistant, in high resistant polyurethane coated polyamide.

Recommended for cold and wet caves.

Made with a waterproof fabric but the seams are not sealed.

Gusset at the back and elastic at the waist.

Fleece lined collar. A hood fitted in the collar.

Knees and buttocks reinforcement (stitching of two thicknesses of fabric).

A double breast pocket closed by Self grip fastener (horizontal opening under flap, an opening on the side).

Tightening adjustment of the cuffs.

This caving suit has a 40 mm Self grip fastening.


The Titan and Titan Lady suits are the same as Hölloch Confort Man and Hölloch Confort Lady, but the Titan are 6cm longer at the trunk and have elbows reinforcements.

Sizes available for this suit:

  • XS (0)
  • S (1)
  • M (2)
  • L (3)
  • XL (4)
  • XXL (5)

Weight of this suit:

995 g (in M size)


  • Blue & Black
  • Red & Black
  • According to availability

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