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Description of this undersuit:

"Bi-Stretch" fibre (Polyamide, Polyester, Lycra) caving undersuit with snug-fitting cut for better heat retention.

20% Polyamide for strength, 72% Polyester for warmth, 8% Lycra for stretch and comfort.

Front closure: double-runner zip fastener on the cross to prevent chin irritation.

Buttock half round zip for practical opening.

Strengthened knee sections, with pockets allowing knee protections Neepad insertion for a greater comfort.

Designed for caving, this undersuit is also suitable for bivouacking, as an under-garment for work clothing, diving, etc...

Sizes available for this undersuit:

  • XS (0)
  • S (1)
  • M (2)
  • L (3)
  • XL (4)
  • XXL (5)
  • XXXL (6)

Weight of this undersuit:

490 g (in M size)


  • Blue

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